Digital Recording

Over recent years digital technology has been of immense benefit to users of CCTV, especially in respect to video recording.

There are numerous analogue CCTV systems still in use, using old technology cameras, multiplexers, and video recorders, however this older technology has limitations. For example, tape wear and video recorder head damage result in poor image quality.

Many of these systems are ideally suited for a digital upgrade, simply by replacing the existing multiplexer and VCR with a new Digital Video Recorder.

The Benefits

  • Modern DVRs are simple to use
  • No more video tape management problems
  • Continuous recording, even during event playback
  • Improved image quality – no wear and tear
  • “Event Recording” – enable built-in motion detection features and alarm activation options
  • “Instant Playback and Search” facilities – no more endless searching through tapes